Gromate Take Off / Polyano / Start Connector

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These Gromate Take Off are also known as Poly Off Take, Polyano or Start Connectors. They got different names in different parts of the world, due to different language and vocabulary as we call it. These are used to start the Drip Lateral from the PVC pipe or HDPE pipe lines of higher OD, like 25mm, 32mm or 40mm, therefore are known as Start Connectors. These are used with a rubber gromate, so as to make a strong bond of Drip lateral and other hose. Rubber Washers or as we also call them Gromate are one of Key product and it must be manufactured using a good raw material. We try to give the best quality product to our buyers, so that they are have a better working performance. Description :

13 mm ID or 16mm OD
10 mm ID or 12mm OD
04 mm ID or 6mm OD

Carton Packing
1250 Nos. For 16mm OD drip Lateral
2000 Nos. For 12mm OD drip Lateral
12500 Nos. For 5.5mm OD drip Lateral

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