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These Ratchet clamps are used to grip the fittings used on hoses and Drip Laterals. During severe climatic conditions, the hose softens up and slips off the fittings. This could be very bad for any crop or plantings.
To control this, our ratchet clamp, manufactured with virgin raw material keep a check and keep the tight grip between the fitting and hose. The raw material used for manufacturing this ratchet clamp is Darlene nylon plastic, so is more flexible and unbreakable. This make it having a better grip on Drip Lateral/ hose and therefore, it stays tight on the fitting, without letting it slip by. These Ratchet clamps come in two sizes, for 16mm OD, with 1mm wall thickness and 1.5mm Wall thickness.

This Ratchet clamp manufactured by us comes in two sizes, one for 15mm, and another for 17mm outer diameter. These two sizes are used globally, and can be used where there is a high fluctuation of temperature or have high temperatures. Due to high temperatures, fittings tend to slip from the laterals, which creates leakage in the drip lines. These Ratchet clamps keep hold of fittings and hose intact in rising temperatures and irrigation line keeps working for a longer time. The tooth of these ratchet clamps are so good in gripping each other, that it makes it very difficult to loosen them, until one knows how to do so.

After two years of hard work and efforts, we are now able to sell this product in the market. This Ratchet Clamp has a better friction unlike other clamps and holds fittings on Drip Laterals under severe conditions.

Description :

Clamp for 13 mm ID LLDPE Pipe
50 Nos.


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