Ventury Injector for Drip Irrigation system

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Dear all, after a lot of understanding various technicalities and research work, we now finally have developed our Ventury Injectors, available in two sizes, 3/4″ and 2″. These Ventury injectors, as most of us know are used to inject water soluble fertilizers in the field, using drip Irrigation system, so as to save water and fertilizer. This also helps in an uniform distribution of the expensive fertilizers, as we all know that more use could go bad for the crops and soil.

Many of us have started using Organic farming, and it will be good to know that our injectors work fine for the organic minerals / solvents for the system. One of the best organic solvent as we know is Cow urine, as it works as one of the best and cheapest pesticides available for any farming. It helps in keeping your crop away from any kind of insects or pests and also, we can spray it on the crops using a hand sprayer if needed. You might be pleased to know that cow urine does not kill any pest or insect, but they keep away from your crops.

Our Injectors are manufactured using virgin raw material, and thus have a long working life. These are all openable if needed and work continuously for years to go. Thanks for sending your queries and requirements, believe me, I am working for whatever I can do in order to promote save water and Green Earth.



Vineet Jain

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