Tee Joiner connector 12mm – 16mm OD

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This Tee Joiner fitting is used for joining three pipes with same Outer Diameter, so as to distribute water in two more directions. This Joiner is used to join three pipes with either one or both side similar pipe. At times, it is also used as a inlet water connection from one side and other two sides may be used for distribution of water by using Drippers / Emitters or other components.

We also have a reducer Tee Joiner for size 13mm X 10mm (ID), so that the 16mm Drip hose can be directed to two 12mm hoses for better distribution of water. This way, 16mm pipe will be working as the main line for 12mm hose. These Tee Joiners are having barbed ends, for the better grip of drip Laterals / hose even at high water pressure. However, at places with high Temperatures, Ratchet Clamps are needed to grip fittings and protect them from leakage. The regular Tee Joiners available with us are for 5.5mm, 8mm, 12mm,16mm and 16mmX12mm Outer Diameters.

Description : 13 mm ID 10 mm ID 13 mm ID X 10 mm ID 4 mm ID

Carton Packing

400 Nos. for 13 mm ID 900 Nos. for 10 mm ID 450 Nos. for 13 mm ID X 10 mm ID 5000 Nos. for 4 mm ID

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