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This Spanner/ key set is used to open / lock the turbo dripper if needed. It is needed in a set of two. As the design of dripper and spanner indicates, both ends are required at one end each of dripper.

These plastic spanners are used for opening and tightening our Drippers / Emitters. They are used to open and flush out any kind of blockage if it comes into the Dripper because of a lack of proper filtration or if it attracts some mud or else from the ground. These Spanners are easy to use since both the ends have got different grooves in them to hold one of the bases and other for gripping the cap. It requires two Spanners to be used at one time for loosening or tightening of Drippers.

This way, it makes it easier to open the Turbo Dripper/emitter with the use of this Spanner, without spoiling the shine or shape of the product. These spanners are made of hard plastic raw material so that they have a very good working life and are almost very difficult to break. Normally, we provide one set of a spanner (two spanners) in every small carton, in packing of about 1250 pieces, since it is sparingly used. One spanner can be kept and used for several years, since these spanners may be used on a very rarely.

Description :

Spanner Key for loosening – Tightening of Dripper
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