Fogger / Mister

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This Mister / Fogger has a discharge of 2 GPH / 18 LPH water discharge at 1.5 kg/cm2. Our Fogger is having a barbed end, so can be used with a Spike stand or adopter. It can also be used with a threaded Tee, which we use for Micro Sprinkler. This Fogger / mister is used to spray above the plants and flowers inside or outside close structure. It has a soft and uniform Spray, therefor giving a greater impact and a misting effect on sophisticated plants.

Flow rate 2.5 GPH / 18LPH
Coverage of 3′ vertical throw
Recommended operating pressure: 20 to 40 PSI
Recommended filtration: 150 mesh
This Plastic Fogger is a vertical mist sprayer, so it can be used for horizontal or vertical misting. These foggers are used to create humidity in some green houses and also for spraying water on very sensitive flowers or plants. This fogger is made of plastic, so it is free from any kind of rusting or erosion. The threads at the male inlet of fogger makes it having a better grip to themale threaded fitting. Its threads make it easier to be attached to any other plastic or metal fitting. Since this Fogger is having plastic parts, which can be dismantle and fitted back, it makes us easier to clean it for further re use if any blockage appears. It may look a very small component, but it is a great quality product and have a very good working life. The virgin raw material construction makes it working on and on for years.

Description :

18 LPH at 1.5KG/CM2
Carton Packing
1750 Nos.

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