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Vertical Garden is having a growing demand of today’s world. Due to increase in world’s population with more and more of construction going on everywhere, the natural gardens are shrinking up, and we are unable to breath fresh air. Everyone is asked to go out for a morning walk, to inhale fresh oxygen from gardens, as later, it may get exhausted by industries or vehicles. Now, most of us are familiar with vertical garden or green walls concept, which is becoming very popular. The name vertical garden is being given to it, as it is vertically erected on walls, and have flowers, plants or herbs grown in them. The name green walls is given, as it green the walls, or bring greenery close to you through your own walls.

We have been trying many efforts to go green by giving some restriction to new constructions so that they leave some space for greenery. After so many efforts, we recently came up with the concept of our Drip Irrigation kit, and we are now able to help grow greenery in balcony, terrace area or any other open area. With the success of this kit, we are now coming up with this kit, which will help you in keeping your wall area green. This concept is being used around the world from many years, but we have innovated it, using our drip irrigation system.

This kit is ready to use as have 3X4 frames for 12 pots. This can be installed in drawing rooms or living rooms which will give you a fresh air during the day time. Now, you can relax in your own house and have a fresh oxygen around you. However, we would recommend if you avoid sleeping with them at night, as we all know that plants intake carbon di oxide  in day and give away oxygen, while at night time, they reverse their process. In order to make full use of this green wall or vertical garden at our home, we can plant herbs or salad leaves in them, which can be used as well.

In this kit, we are giving you the drip irrigation system, completely assembled, with drip laterals, fittings, drippers etc., so that you just need to add your water outlet sourcing to the kit inlet. You now need to time your tap for 10 minutes, as within 10 minutes, this unit will give water to all the plants as required. You can do this twice a day if needed. Since the pots are of a good size, you can easily add urea or top soil for better plantation. This kit saves your precious water, time and gives back its fresh oxygen, aroma, and a blissful feeling to be in love with nature.

This vertical garden kit will help us all to contribute to the world in a fight against global warming and filling up the ozone hole. We are sure that everyone pledge to plant at least one plant or tree  and further advise two more people to do so, the global warming will have to accept defeat.

Nature was never so close before.

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