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We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Drip Irrigation components in India. We have been trying to develop different latest and workable Turbo Drippers, which are also known as Online Emitters. We specialise in Non Compensating Drippers or Online Emitters or as some say Drip Emitter. Our production is based on Virgin materials available. We are proud to supply our Drip components to different parts of the world, and are almost everywhere a regular supplier after our first supplies to them.

These Drippers/ Emitters can be opened if clogged or have dust particle or any other particle stuck in it. These drippers / emitters can be opened and closed again, so they are ready to be used again. Since these Drippers are manufactured using virgin raw material, their working life and shelf life is generally much longer than any other product. If a proper filtration is used, the work life increases to almost double.

Turbo Drippers / Emitters as we call it is a component with three different units such as base, cap and a disk. The base of Dripper has a small inlet, which is inserted on into a drip lateral or hose, and the cap has a outlet where the water is discharged. The water comes in from the base at a high pressure, where it reaches the disk, where the water is made to flow in a turbulent and then finally water comes out with the desired discharge. We at present provide Turbo drippers with the discharge of 2,4,6 and 8LPH with working pressure of 1Kg/cm2.

These Turbo drippers / Emitters may have a discharge variation of upto 5%. We however are telling it to be about 10% as to be on the safer side. The above 

Turbo Dripper is used more for the various reasons, such as

Large flow path available in the disk, so less chances of clogging from mud or sand particles.

Requires less filtration due to better flow path.

Saving money on labor, since it helps in uniform distribution of water and water mixed fertilisers.

Unequalled performance and maximum efficiency even in poor water conditions, helping better irrigation, resulting higher growth and cultivation.

Reliable performance of over 10 years of working at one farmland.

Highest resistance to clogging on any non-compensating Dripper due to better flow path of disk.

Durable and extremely resistant to chemicals as is manufactured using virgin raw material of special grades chosen.

These Drippers /Emitters have a very good uniformity over short distances of drip line, and with no elevation differences along the line. They operate well and provide a good uniformity for shout run, between 15 to 25 PSI.

Description :

Dripper are available in 2 LPH at 1 Kg/cm sq. These Drippers are available in packing of 20 pieces and multiples



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    awesome, almost works like a PC Dripper

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