Straight Connectors / Joiners 6mm – 8mm OD

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This fitting is used for joining a pipe of similar Outer Diameter with another, without reducing the water pressure and creating any leakage in the line. These are known as Joiners / Straight connectors, and if some are used to connect with a reduced Outer diameter, are known as Reducer Joiners. These connectors have barb at their end, so as to create friction in the Drip Lateral and keep it gripped tightly. At normal working pressures and temperature, these joiners do not need any kind of support like ratchet Clamp and do not give any leakage. These are available in different sizes, as for hoses of different outer diameter. The sizes of Joiners available with us at present are 5.5mm, 8mm, (Outer Diameter).

Description :

06 mm ID -8mm OD 04 mm ID -5.5mm OD

Carton Packing 7000 Nos. for 6mm ID Joiner 10000 Nos. for 4mm ID Joiner

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