Micro Sprinkler

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The Micro Sprinklers are smaller in size than normal sprinklers, as for their inlet is 1/2 inches, while for Agriculture Sprinkler is 3/4 inches. Micro Sprinklers have a small rotating nozzle, which rotates with the water pressure force, and help in spraying water in smaller regions say about 12 feet radius. They generally have a working pressure of 1.5kg/cm2, but since the rotating part is made of Darlene raw material, they can also work at lower pressures.

The Micro Sprinklers are used in commercial crops, for 100% germination for crops, since we all know that seeds are very delicate and they all need water to be sprayed with uniform droplets. They help in watering them with small and equal water quantities to soil and seeds wperature, when plants roots gets freeze, Micro Sprinklers are used, so as to keep the roots wet and keep the roots and seeds watered.

In some parts of the world, Micro Sprinklers are used in for personal amusement and recreation purposes too. Some institutions or Fun Parks use them for creating an artificial rain in hot summers, play out loud music and children enjoy to have fun in artificial rain. Some are also organizing Rain Dance events as installing these Micro Sprinklers and Foggers at some distance.

We are definitely feel amazed on how the mind of people works, as they are using Drip and Micro Irrigation components in many amazing ways.
Description :

65 to 80 LPH at 1.5KG/CM2
Carton Packing
500 Nos.

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