Location Stake / Dripper Stand

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These nails or spikes as we call them have a significant role in Drip Irrigation system. They are use to keep Dripper or Distribution tube (as desired by the user) a bit about 3 inches above ground. The main purpose is to keep the Dripper in air and above the soil levels, so as to prevent them choking from wet soil getting in them.

It is also used to give a good demonstration for small nurseries or big farms, so that they can understand the proper working of a Dripper. It helps all to understand clearly see the work and usage of Dripper in any Drip Irrigation System. Otherwise as Dripper lie on the ground level, and are unable to properly look at them or their functionality, but Nails help in a creating good presentation.

The are just dug in ground with the pointed side and the upper level has a hole in it, so as you can insert distribution tube and then plug Drippers in the small tubings. There is a safe distance in Drippers and soil levels, using nails / Spikes, which helps in giving a longer, stress free life to your Drip Irrigation system.

Since they make Dripper stay at one place as they are fix in soil, they are also known as Location stake. Sine the tubing that it holds uses is of 4mm, its known as location Stake for 4mm as well.

Description :

Nails/Spike Stands for Drippers/ Location stake
Carton Packing
1000 Nos.

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