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The LLDPE pipe coils are also known as Drip Laterals/ Drip Hose. They are used as the later part of any Drip Irrigation system, hence given this name ‘Drip Lateral’. These Drip Laterals are punched using a punch and are then plugged a Dripper on to it. These Drip Laterals are available with different Outer diameters, as for used with different crops and length. They are different, as the length and pressure requirements are different for different regions, crops, sand and water specifications. The drip Laterals for different countries have different standards, and therefor all have a different wall thickness as per water pressure, soil, water and nature properties, climate difference and other reasons.

Being a manufacturer, we can manufacture Drip laterals as per requirements and quality standards of the buyers. Please remember to give your proper details with your requirement for the Drip Hose, like Outer Diameter, Wall Thickness, Flexibility and coil length. It is always preferred if a sample is provided with the inquiry, before a quote for Drip Lateral is sought.

We feel proud, when our old buyers show our working products in fields. We always use virgin raw materials, so shelf and working life is very good. We have been working in this field since 1983, so are able to understand the need of any buyer well and easily. It is not difficult to mould ourselves with the needs of anyone. We are quality conscious, and keep our lab testing to the mark. We try not to manufacture or sell any sub standard material.

Description :

13mm ID 16mm OD
20 mts coil


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