Installation of Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation components

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Hi all, I am pleased to share one good news with you all. After a lot of thinking and discussions, I have started installation of my company’s production in farms, farm houses etc. As you are aware that our products are used for Agriculture and Horticulture, I am giving in my best of knowledge and am also taking guidance from friends, who are experienced in the field.

I have done my very first installation, which was completed today evening at Chhatarpur farm house, where we installed Sprinklers, Drip Irrigation components for saving water and giving water to the farm greens.

I myself work there personally and looked after that everything in done perfectly, and was there, so as to learn and understand for the future. This was my very first experience, and am sure that there will be many more opportunities, and I will be able to give my best.

Thank you all for your blessings, good wishes and support.

Vineet Jain and GreenO2 team.

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