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Our Snapping (as we call it) is also known as Stopper or Snapper, Goof Plug or Dummy Dripper / Dummy Emitter and is used to check water leakage where the Drippers are taken off, or a hole is wrongly punched. It helps in saving water if any wrong hole is punched and also to maintain proper distance in plants or else as is needed. They have a vivid use in the Drip Irrigation system and the installation engineers use them as and when needed in their projects and system. These snappers may be known as dummy Drippers, since they are used when we need to close the holes of drippers, when their use is done or need some other product than Dripper. These Snappings / goof plugs are made with such a precision that even if they are replaced with drippers more than just one time, there is no leakage from the hose.

Description :

Goof-Plug/Dummy Drippers
Packing 100 pieces.


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