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Dripper Punch Hole PunchDripper Punch / Hole Punch

Our Plastic Punch normally known as Dripper Punch or Hole Punch is very user friendly. This Punch is

manufactured using virgin raw material and can be used by anyone, easily. This punch is very small and easy to carry as a tool so the installers at field find it user friendly and keep it handy. In some countries, people use nails or drills for punching the Drip Lateral/hose for Drippers, but we always insist on the use of Punch. This punch is designed especially for use with Drip Laterals’ hoses so that the hole size is right for the Dripper. It makes the Dripper free from any kind of leakage if we use a right punching tool for punching the lateral. Description :

Dripper Punch for the hole for Drippers / Emitter in LLDPE hoses / Pipes
Carton Packing
2500 Nos.
Small polyethylene bag packing of 25 pieces, for easy handling


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