Adjustable Dripper

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These Drippers are known as adjustable Drippers, for the reason that the discharge can be adjusted and have different flow at different water pressure. These are made of virgin raw materials and provide a variable discharge at same pressure. The Discharge of these adjustable Drippers can be controlled as per the requirement of the receiver and the crop by rotating the cap and loosen or tightening it. It can be opened easily if choked and cleaned, so it is having a very high working life in fields. These drippers are seen to have a working life of over five years at places with a bad saline water lands. Therefore it will be working better, where the water conditions are better and have good water filters available.

Adjustable Drippers is available with 0-80 LPH discharge.

If a proper filtration is used, the work life increases to more than 100 percentage.

Description :

Black Cap, Black Base for 0-80 LPH

Carton Packing

500 pieces for 0-80 LPH

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