Spikes for bird control

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Dear all, after getting your approval and support, we have recently developed these plastic spikes for preventing your home, office etc from birds. I never wanted to work on this product for the reason that due to cutting down of trees, birds already have very little space to shelter, and this product will make it even shorter.

However, I am selling it for the purpose that the people use it wisely and do offer some space for them to relax and have water, food too. I know that it may look weird, but I will still recommend the users of these spikes to make some small space on their terrace, which may be used for drinking water, have some grains and rest for birds. If we are constructing high-rise buildings, on the price of cutting down tree, we must grow some plants and provide some space for these nature gifted birds.

The image of these spikes are shown as under and are available for sale on order.


Vineet Jain

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